Testimonial – Tom J.

The auditor was industry experienced. Due to the complexity of the revenue distribution, it was helpful that an experienced auditor did the audit.

Testimonial – Becky M.

Our relationship with AMS-PAR is important and all that you do to bend over backwards for us is greatly appreciated.

Testimonial – Feliz M.

AMS-PAR's systems make exchanging documents easy and improves organization eliminating the need for email communication.

Testimonial – Robert G.

AMS-PAR's vast experience allowed it to easily spot large revenue deductions charged to my company incorrectly.

Testimonial – John A.

AMS-PAR's IR system helps me prioritize my work.

Testimonial – Janet R.

The lead auditor conducted the audit in a very professional way, and always kept the communication channels open for discussion, feedback, and questioning.

Testimonial – Kelvin A.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with AMS-PAR on this assignment, certainly a very well-managed, professional and efficient operation.  The AMS-PAR audit team was fantastic to work with. We certainly will keep AMS-PAR in mind for future engagements

Testimonial – Brian P.

The data requests are submitted and tracked in an organized manner

Testimonial – Larry M.

The ability to exchange large data files was very effective.

Testimonial – Harry W.

Well done on all fronts.

Testimonial – Becky H.

The AMS-PAR IR System was easy to use and very user friendly.

Testimonial – Tom J.

AMS-PAR uses experienced auditors.

Testimonial – Mike M.

My team respects AMS-PAR's work and has never had issues with documentation.

Testimonial – Feliz M.

I do all of our audits and this was an amazingly different audit process and experience

Testimonial – Melanie G.

We were extremely grateful to work with someone as professional and knowledegable about our industry.

Testimonial – Juliet E.

AMS-PAR's auditor was great, and was clear and concise with her requests. She was a pleasure to work with.

Testimonial – Feliz M.

Sincerely I wish more audits were handled in this procedure.

Testimonial – Melanie G.

We were extremely grateful to work with someone as professional and knowledgeable about our industry.  We hope to work with your group again in the near future!!

Testimonial – Jenni N.

AMS-PAR follows a consistent process. I don't see a reason to change what you are doing.

Testimonial – Romina S.

The AMS-PAR process is effective and clear. All of the data was easily exchanged through a portal removing the need for postal service.

As a contract compliance firm, our goal is to help clients gain assurance that their contracts are functioning as intended. Through comprehensive reviews of your company’s contracts, we help you assess whether your joint venture partners, suppliers, and contractors are in compliance with the terms of your agreements.  We identify, document, and recover money paid in error or money due, and develop action plans to mitigate the risks going forward.

Our unique approach is designed to uncover more discrepancies by looking at the information differently. Advanced technology enables us to interrogate data in new ways, and our expertise allows us to interpret the results to maximize profit recovery. Our technology and procedures keep your information secure and confidential. Our project management methodology ensures focused and consistent results. And our in-depth reporting gives you a complete project summary with observations and recommendations based on careful analysis.

With an impressively credentialed staff and more than 40 years of diverse corporate work, AMS-PAR offers your company an uncommon level of contract compliance insight and provides a higher level of assurance that your recoveries will be maximized. 


For more than 40 years, AMS-PAR has served the contract compliance audit needs of the Energy sector.  We listen to our clients and develop action plans to address their specific needs.  We treat each engagement as if we were the client; we ensure the right resources are assigned, the engagement is well planned and executed, and the business relationships are maintained.

Our focus on technology ensures data is secure and even the largest datasets can be analyzed effectively.  Survey responses indicate our technology is leading edge and our staff perform exceptionally well.

Our philosophy is to “do it right the first time”.  We seek to deliver the best quality product efficiently.

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