About Us

Testimonial – Romina S.

The AMS-PAR process is effective and clear. All of the data was easily exchanged through a portal removing the need for postal service.

Testimonial – Becky M.

Our relationship with AMS-PAR is important and all that you do to bend over backwards for us is greatly appreciated.

Testimonial – Corbin B.

The first time I have seen this particular technology.

Testimonial – Mike M.

My team respects AMS-PAR's work and has never had issues with documentation.

Testimonial – Angie R.

The audit lead communicates very well with our staff. We received updates every week.

Testimonial – Joe D.

I want to thank you and your company for the service that the audit team provided. I could not have done what they are doing without their help and support.  I have enjoyed working with the team and appreciate the approach taken to get into the meat of the project.

Testimonial – Lisa R.

The audit staff were polite and professional. Lisa R.

Testimonial – Melanie G.

We were extremely grateful to work with someone as professional and knowledegable about our industry.

Testimonial – Tom J.

AMS-PAR uses experienced auditors.

Testimonial – Brian P.

The field lead was very efficient and knowledgeable that minimized business disruptions.

Testimonial – Misty C.

The exchange of information is effortless.

Testimonial – Larry M.

The ability to exchange large data files was very effective.

Testimonial – Brian P.

The data requests are submitted and tracked in an organized manner

Testimonial – Jerry b.

Very professional and responsive.  I can always count on their guidance when it comes to Oil and Gas Accounting matters. I love working with the AMS-PAR team!

Testimonial – Melanie G.

We were extremely grateful to work with someone as professional and knowledgeable about our industry.  We hope to work with your group again in the near future!!

Testimonial – Mark J.

My company has used AMS-PAR for Oil and Gas Joint Venture Audit services for the last 8 years.  We are extremely pleased with the professionalism demonstrated by all of AMS-PAR’s employees and contractors.  My company is also very satisfied by the results and findings...

Testimonial – Feliz M.

Sincerely I wish more audits were handled in this procedure.

Testimonial – Tom J.

The audit was scheduled well in advance and an experienced revenue auditor did the audit.

Testimonial – Feliz M.

AMS-PAR's systems make exchanging documents easy and improves organization eliminating the need for email communication.

Testimonial – John A.

AMS-PAR's IR system helps me prioritize my work.

For more than 40 years, AMS-PAR has served the contract compliance audit needs of its clients.  Our focus on people, methodology, and technology provides clients with A Higher Level of Assurance that their engagements receive the professional care they deserve, and the effectiveness of their contracts is properly evaluated.

Having successfully completed thousands of audits throughout the world, our team is ready to help your company recover lost profits or analyze your supplier and partner contracts.


Simply put, the difference is our people, methodology, and technology.

Surveys consistently rate our people, methodology, and technology ahead of our peers. 


AMS-PAR staff are among the most experienced with an average of 25+ years in related fields.  Our team possess extensive audit experience, strong analytical skills, and industry expertise.  We recruit and retain those with demonstrated expertise and skills so that they can be effective from day one and our clients benefit from their experience-based wisdom.


Each engagement focuses on client objectives.  Our planning, analysis, and execution provides a higher level of assurance that those objectives are met.  Our reporting is concise and well supported, giving management the information needed to address risks and recover over payments.


AMS-PAR develops proprietary systems and uses leading edge technology to effectively and securely manage engagements.  These tools drive audit efficiencies, enable more thorough data interrogation, and facilitate risk identification in the ever-expanding accounting detail found in modern systems like SAP and Oracle.  System security is critical – all AMS-PAR data is encrypted and project data is intentionally segregated in silos to assure client privacy.


AMS-PAR services the needs of a diverse client base ranging from multinational and Fortune 500 companies, large royalty trusts, government agencies, and utilities to small independent firms, individual royalty owners, and attorneys.  Our well-trained team is ready to help clients improve their contracts, reduce risk, protect their interests, and recover lost profits wherever their assets are located.