AMS-PAR approaches each engagement as a unique opportunity to recover lost profits, investigate concerns, and identify process improvements that will enhance contracting procedures and commercial relationships.  No two engagements are treated the same.  Each is tailored to our client’s specific objectives, issues, concerns, and needs.  We take great effort to match the skills of our staff with the specific needs of your audit, ensuring that the team can operate at maximum efficiency.

Our planning process starts with understanding client objectives and concerns and evaluating contracting and operational risks.  Combined with our pre-audit data analysis and institutional knowledge of assets, systems, and operators, testing programs are developed to ensure the engagement objectives are met.  Each project is actively managed.  Our management tools provide a real-time analysis of a project’s progress, and the status is reported to our clients based on an agreed upon communication schedule.

We use leading edge technology and proprietary software to interrogate and analyze data in more innovative and thorough ways.  Our methodology identifies data relationships and anomalies more effectively and our tools allow staff to more efficiently analyze and test multi-million record datasets, work collaboratively in common databases, and reduce administrative work.

Data security is important to AMS-PAR!  We use leading edge technology to segregate data into silos with access controls to ensure client privacy, all data is backed up at least hourly in a cloud environment, and all work is encrypted.

Our goal is meeting and exceeding client expectations and providing management reporting that facilitates monetary recoveries and process improvements.  Our reports include a recap of observations and findings for management, and well-documented and detailed explanations of the findings and recommendations to resolve the identified issues.

We are prudent practitioners with the knowledge, training, experience, and skills necessary to conduct a thorough review of your contracts and the related transactions. In short, our methodology is designed to provide a higher level of assurance that your contract compliance concerns and objectives will be achieved.