Oil & Gas services

With the explosive growth in revenues and expenses, it is increasingly important to have complete confidence in the contracts and relationships that are the underpinning of your business. Throughout the industry, AMS-PAR is recognized as a knowledgeable and trusted contributor to an in-depth understanding of such critical components as joint venture operations, vendor contract compliance, royalty distributions, and comprehensive accounts payable examination.

Our services are backed by state-of-the-art technology and a highly experienced consulting staff. We will determine where profits are being lost to overpayments and contract misinterpretations. This allows your company to recover those payments and apply them to your bottom line. With our analysis and recommendations, you can be confident that your agreements and contracts are functioning properly and fully protecting your interests. Our reviews provide the higher level of assurance that you would expect from a trusted advisor.

In an AMS-PAR review the client receives:

  • Contract compliance assessment
  • A self-funding review of contracting procedures and billing accuracy
  • Minimal client staff involvement
  • Detailed reporting of findings
  • Recommendations for improvements in processes and procedures