Power Generation

Testimonial – Melanie G.

We were extremely grateful to work with someone as professional and knowledgeable about our industry.  We hope to work with your group again in the near future!!

Testimonial – Mike M.

My team respects AMS-PAR's work and has never had issues with documentation.

Testimonial – Jenni N.

AMS-PAR follows a consistent process. I don't see a reason to change what you are doing.

Testimonial – Tom J.

The auditor was industry experienced. Due to the complexity of the revenue distribution, it was helpful that an experienced auditor did the audit.

Testimonial – Becky M.

Our relationship with AMS-PAR is important and all that you do to bend over backwards for us is greatly appreciated.

Testimonial – Mark J.

My company has used AMS-PAR for Oil and Gas Joint Venture Audit services for the last 8 years.  We are extremely pleased with the professionalism demonstrated by all of AMS-PAR’s employees and contractors.  My company is also very satisfied by the results and findings...

Testimonial – Romina S.

The AMS-PAR process is effective and clear. All of the data was easily exchanged through a portal removing the need for postal service.

Testimonial – Jerry b.

Very professional and responsive.  I can always count on their guidance when it comes to Oil and Gas Accounting matters. I love working with the AMS-PAR team!

Testimonial – Melanie G.

We were extremely grateful to work with someone as professional and knowledegable about our industry.

Testimonial – Becky H.

The AMS-PAR IR System was easy to use and very user friendly.

Testimonial – Robert G.

As a revenue auditor I did not realize the significance of field asset verification until I hired AMS-PAR to assist me.  AMS-PAR conducted a field office and discovered a Sales Meter on every pad that was not accounted for in the Schematics.  This oversight...

Testimonial – Juliet E.

AMS-PAR's auditor was great, and was clear and concise with her requests. She was a pleasure to work with.

Testimonial – Tom J.

AMS-PAR uses experienced auditors.

Testimonial – Lisa R.

The audit staff were polite and professional. Lisa R.

Testimonial – Joe D.

I want to thank you and your company for the service that the audit team provided. I could not have done what they are doing without their help and support.  I have enjoyed working with the team and appreciate the approach taken to get into the meat of the project.

Testimonial – Angie R.

The audit lead communicates very well with our staff. We received updates every week.

Testimonial – Kevin A.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with AMS-PAR on this assignment, certantly a well managed, professional, and efficient operation.

Testimonial – Brandy Bell

The audit was orderly and each request was specific.

Testimonial – Feliz M.

Sincerely I wish more audits were handled in this procedure.

Testimonial – Kelvin A.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with AMS-PAR on this assignment, certainly a very well-managed, professional and efficient operation.  The AMS-PAR audit team was fantastic to work with. We certainly will keep AMS-PAR in mind for future engagements

Today, the power generation marketplace demands peak efficiency from every phase of a power generation project. To compete in this environment, facility management must effectively manage major construction projects and provide the oversight needed to make certain that all parties are complying with their contractual obligations. At AMS-PAR, our industry experience means that we thoroughly review construction contracts and ensure that they are protecting your investors’ interest.

Our detailed evaluation will find and recover profits lost to contractor and subcontractor overpayments and contract misinterpretations. Additionally, we will identify the reasons for these losses and help you keep them from recurring. While exact profit recoveries differ for each project, AMS-PAR construction contract review engagements have been self-funding, meaning we recover significantly more money for the client than the cost of the review.

For example, an AMS-PAR construction project review includes:

  • Contract compliance assessment
  • A self-funding review of contracting procedures and billing accuracy
  • Minimal client staff involvement
  • Detailed reporting of findings
  • Recommendation for processes and procedures improvements