Rising fuel costs, intense regulatory pressure to minimize operating expenses, and the push for higher all-around efficiencies are driving today’s utility business. Coupled with the utility’s obligation to rate payers to provide services at the lowest reasonable cost, these issues put extra pressure on utilities to ensure their major contractual agreements are protecting the interests of customers and investors. AMS-PAR has the specialized expertise to help your management team evaluate and improve major contract expenditures.

We can make a difference in your financial performance through the recovery of profits lost to vendor overpayments and contract misinterpretations. With AMS-PAR’s assistance, you can have a new degree of confidence that your major maintenance, turnaround and new facility construction contracts are protecting your interests and preserving your profits.

In an AMS-PAR review, the client receives:

  • Contract compliance assessment
  • A self-funding review of contracting procedures and billing accuracy
  • Minimal client staff involvement
  • Detailed reporting of findings
  • Recommendation for improvements in processes and procedure