Welcome COPAS member or meeting Attendee

Welcome COPAS Member.  You have landed on this page because you are a member of COPAS, reading a COPAS publication, or were attending a COPAS meeting.  We are members too. A large number of our projects are focused on COPAS accounting and Oil & Gas industry contracts.  We have the specialists to ensure your agreements are correctly administered. 


On average, AMS-PAR staff have more than 25 years of audit and industry experience.  Experienced staff can hit the ground running and leverage past experience.  Our staff have depth and breadth of knowledge.  Staff work together to leverage each other’s experience to enhance the quality of the final product.


AMS-PAR has invested heavily in its security and technology.  All data are stored in, and work performed from secure portals in a private cloud, which are backed up regularly.  All data stored in SharePoint are encrypted at rest and all data in motion are encrypted.  Additionally, access to any project data is only granted to those working on the project and only for the duration of the project.


AMS-PAR is known in the industry as a professional services firm.  We pride ourselves in our key deliverables.  Every audit delivers:

  • Audit Report and Management Summary Letter
  • Exception Schedules, Associated Support
  • Project Work Papers, Documents, and Obtained Records

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Explore the Power of AMS-PAR

Joint Venture

Many joint ventures expend several hundred million dollars of capital (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OE) during the year or on specific projects.  Since non-operators do not have access to detailed records and joint interest billings are generally summarized, joint venture audits are the most effective method to examine the detail to assess whether the billings complied with the underlying agreements and recover “lost profits”

Claim Resolution

Don’t let past audit claims become stale or miss the required response time limit.  AMS-PAR can resolve your claims with our audit specialists.

Revenue / Royalty

Validating payments is nearly impossible without conducting an audit.  Remittance statements are summarized, and the data needed to gain assurance that payments were made correctly are not generally available without conducting an audit.  Computations are complex and unique, even when parties own an interest in the same asset.

Vendor / supplier

Vendors rarely invoice with 100% accuracy and those responsible for authorizing payment often do not have sufficient information, time, or expertise to examine invoices in detail to ensure they are accurate. Billing errors often result from data capture errors, processing mistakes or the misinterpretation of complex contractual provisions.   Conducting an audit may be the only way to obtain the transactional detail needed to provide assurance that billings are correct.

Litigation Support

Our specialists routinely provide expert witness and litigation support.  We can help your legal team understand Accounting Procedure interpretations and convey complicated O&G concepts to layman.

JOA Billing Assessment

Let AMS-PAR perform a protective review or reverse audit of your Joint Account to ensure you are billing out all you can to your partners.  Many companies acquire properties and keep billing like the prior operator.  We recommend reviewing the JOA to ensure you are maximizing your billings per the JOA.


Major construction projects are expensive.  AMS-PAR has performed lookbacks to recover errant billings and we have also imbedded a billing specialist to work directly with the project team to ensure billings are paid correctly the first time.

Gas plant

Gas Plant / Balancing / Production Allocation audits are some of the most challenging audits in the Oil and Gas Industry.  AMS-PAR has the specialists to ensure your production is allocated and paid correctly.  We ensure your products, deductions and payment is what it should be.